Marc Bredif
In the heart of the Loire Valley in France, Domaine Marc Brédif was established in 1893 by Ernest Bredif. Since then the wines from the Domaine have been synonymous with quality and tradition. The Baron de Ladoucette has continued the tradition to produce some of the most famous wines of the appellation.

Located in the heart of Beaune, Regnard was founded in 1860 by Zéphir Régnard. The burgundy region is world famous because of the quality of the wines from the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir grapes. In 1984, Baron Patrick de Ladoucette purchased Régnard and has perpetuated the style and tradition of the wines ever since.
de Ladoucette
Probably the most beautiful Domaine in Pouilly-Fumé, Chateau de Nozet has always produced wines of the highest quality since 1787. The Ladoucette wines and the Baron de L are both some of the best example of Sauvignon Blanc in the world. In this historical French region the Ladoucette Wines are the perfect demonstration of the French knowledge and tradition.

Clos de la Poussie
La Poussie is considered a jewel of the Sancerre Vineyards; this Domaine has a long history of making wine. The freshness and the elegance of these wines are revered about to those who taste it. Thanks to the high quality of the pinot noir grape, La Poussie is proud to produce one of the appellation’s finest Sancerre Rosé and Sancerre Rouge. In white wine production the Noble Sauvignon Blanc Grape produces a voluptuous and elegant white wine.
Comtesse Lafond
Located on Avenue de Champagne, Chateau d'Epernay is one of the finest in the historical village of Epernay. The Champagne produced here is the finest style of the region under the Comtesse Lafond brand. The champagnes, Comtesse Lafond Brut Non Vintage, Vintage, Rose, Extra Brut and Comtesse Lafond Nectar are produced at this great estate.
Albert Pic
Originally founded in 1755, Albert Pic is one of the oldest Domaines in Chablis. This unique white wine made in a pure French tradition is an outstanding example from the Chablis region. The Baron de Ladoucette still makes this wine with the same techniques employed for the past three hundreds years in order keep all the beautiful flavour of this wonderful wine.